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The Urban Law School is a pioneering legal organization dedicated to advocating for justice and empowerment within urban communities. Our multifaceted approach encompasses comprehensive legal services tailored to individuals navigating pretrial and post-conviction litigation, as well as parole memorandums. Through our transformative I Was You Project, we extend a lifeline to at-risk youth, offering mentorship, support, and pathways to success. Additionally, our Missing Persons initiative is committed to combating human trafficking by providing vital education on prevention and assisting in locating missing individuals. Our steadfast commitment to community safety is further demonstrated through our Gang Awareness Initiative, which aims to raise awareness and prevent gang involvement. Complementing our advocacy efforts, we offer a diverse range of courses to educate and empower individuals with the knowledge of their rights and responsibilities under the law. At The Urban Law School, we stand at the forefront of legal innovation, striving to create a safer and more just society for all.


Law Library

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Legal Services

**Case Analysis: Reviewing all trial documents, evidence, witness statements, and court transcripts to understand the case's intricacies.

**Identifying Issues: Spotting potential errors during the trial, such as legal mistakes, procedural errors, or overlooked evidence.

**Research and Investigation: Conducting further investigation to gather new evidence, interview witnesses, or consult experts that might support the case.

**Legal Research: Analyzing case law and statutes to identify legal precedents or laws that could be applied to the case for potential appeal or exoneration..............

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The Urban Law School

Contact :+1 980-272-8793

Address: #1004 8222 Pineville Matthews Rd. STE. 602, Charlotte, NC, United States, North Carolina

**The Urban Law School is an academic institution that focuses on criminal and civil law. We are not attorneys nor claim to be such but only academics.**

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