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Legal Services

**Case Analysis: Reviewing all trial documents, evidence, witness statements, and court transcripts to understand the case's intricacies.

**Identifying Issues: Spotting potential errors during the trial, such as legal mistakes, procedural errors, or overlooked evidence.

**Research and Investigation: Conducting further investigation to gather new evidence, interview witnesses, or consult experts that might support the case.

**Legal Research: Analyzing case law and statutes to identify legal precedents or laws that could be applied to the case for potential appeal or exoneration.

**Drafting Motions or Appeals: Preparing legal documents, such as motions for retrial or appeals, based on the identified issues and new evidence found during the review.

**Client Communication: Providing regular updates to the client, explaining the process, and discussing strategies or potential outcomes.

**Post-Conviction Relief: Pursuing post-conviction relief options, such as petitions for habeas corpus or other legal remedies, if applicable.

**Parole Memorandum: putting together parole packet.

The Urban Law School

Contact :+1 980-272-8793

Address: #1004 8222 Pineville Matthews Rd. STE. 602, Charlotte, NC, United States, North Carolina

**The Urban Law School is an academic institution that focuses on criminal and civil law. We are not attorneys nor claim to be such but only academics.**

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