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At The Jonah Sanders Foundation we stand with our community to keep everyone safe against street gangs and senseless violence. However you may wonder why gang awareness and prevention is important thus we have highlighted a few things for you.

**Gang awareness and prevention are crucial for several reasons:

Community Safety: Gang-related activities often lead to increased crime rates, violence, and drug trafficking, threatening the safety and well-being of communities.

**Youth Protection: By understanding the signs and risks associated with gang involvement, parents, educators, and community leaders can intervene early to protect vulnerable youth from recruitment.

**Education and Intervention: Awareness programs provide valuable information to individuals, especially young people, about the consequences of joining gangs and offer alternatives such as education, job training, and mentorship.

**Breaking the Cycle: Prevention efforts aim to disrupt the cycle of violence and criminal behavior perpetuated by gangs, ultimately reducing recidivism rates and creating opportunities for individuals to lead productive lives.

**Resource Allocation: By addressing gang-related issues proactively, communities can allocate resources more effectively towards prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation programs rather than solely focusing on law enforcement and incarceration.

Enroll in Gang Awareness course by going to Elevated Nerds then go to section The Urban Law School to find course

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Street gangs have taken over our communities to the point that many people believe that they must join the gang to be safe due to lack of knowledge. This book is to highlight some of the most dangerous street gangs and to give the reader information on the gangs code of conduct, history etc so that a sense of understanding can be made and that fear eradicated so that our communities may be safer.


The media has glamorized gangs and have drawn people to the lifestyle. Movies, music and video games have pushed an agenda of idiotic behavior and confusion yet the gang members mindset as well as culture of the gang goes deeper than man could believe. In this review we examine this culture to get a better understanding.

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